Stuffed Chicken (Pollo ripieno)

For a middle-sized fowl use the following ingredients: two sausages, the liver and giblets of the fowl, eight or ten chestnuts well roasted, some pieces of mushrooms, a taste of nutmeg, one egg. If, instead of a fowl, it is a turkey, double the dose.

Begin by giving the sausages and the giblets half a cooking, moistening them with a little broth if necessary. Season with a little salt and pepper on account of the sausages that already contain them. Remove them and in the gravy that remains put a crumb of bread, in order to obtain with a little broth two tablespoonfuls of thick pap. Skin the sausages, chop the chicken giblets and the giblets and grind everything together with the chestnuts, the egg and the pap; this is the stuffing with which the fowl is to be filled, to be baked afterward. It is more tasty cold than hot, and it can also be cut better.

Note: This recipe has not been tested, however, we believe it to be accurate. As with any recipe, you may not always produce a product of your liking due to variations in taste, texture, etc. Please use your best judgment to review this recipe for ingredients used, units of measure, and methods to see if this meets your needs before proceeding. As with any recipe, there may be typos, errors, and /or omissions.

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