Trout Alpine (Trota all’alpigiana)

These are many ways to prepare this delicious fish, found in abundance in the many streams of clear water that run from the Alps and the Apennine mountains. Often the trout is cooked in wine, but, of course, this part many be changed.

For the trota all’alpigiana, so called because it is the favorite dish of Piedmont, the trout must be cleaned, scaled, washed, wiped then salted and left under the action of the salt for about an hour.

Pour in a fish-kettle one quart of white wine to which will be added three medium sized onions a few cloves, two sections of garlic and a little bunch made of thyme, bay-leaf, basil or mint; finally a piece of butter as large as an egg, dipped in flour. Then put the trout in the fish-kettle and place on a strong fire. When the liquid has boiled the trout is cooked. Remove the onions and the bunch of greens and serve the trout with its gravy and some parsley.

Note: This recipe has not been tested, however, we believe it to be accurate. As with any recipe, you may not always produce a product of your liking due to variations in taste, texture, etc. Please use your best judgment to review this recipe for ingredients used, units of measure, and methods to see if this meets your needs before proceeding. As with any recipe, there may be typos, errors, and /or omissions.

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