Buckingham Pudding

1/4 lb. of ratafias, 4 or 5 sponge cakes, 3 eggs, 3/4 pint of milk, sugar to taste, vanilla flavoring. ,

Butter a mould press the ratafias all over it and lay in the sponge cakes cut in slices; then put in more ratafias and sponge cakes until the mould is almost full. Beat the yolks of the eggs well together and the whites of 2 eggs. Boil the milk and pour it on the eggs let it cool a little add sugar and flavoring. Pour into the mould. Cover it with buttered paper and steam for about 1 hour. Turn it out carefully and serve with jam or sauce round it.

Note: This recipe has not been tested, however, we believe it to be accurate. As with any recipe, you may not always produce a product of your liking due to variations in taste, texture, etc. Please use your best judgment to review this recipe for ingredients used, units of measure, and methods to see if this meets your needs before proceeding. As with any recipe, there may be typos, errors, and /or omissions.

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